Q: How can I know this site is secure?

A: Lika is verified as a secure website through McAfee which is the leading security company in the world, you can view our McAfee verification in the bottom right corner. our site also use https:// protocol which indicates SSL encrypted.


Q: Is my payment data safe?

A: we use SSL encryption to make sure maximum security, on top of it we also use Paypal transaction clearing both for Credit Card and Paypal express checkout which currently is the safest in online commerce.


Q: Your Prices are Great but what about Shipping Rates?

A: Free... Free... Free... We believe in trust and transparency with our customers, all prices you see for our product includes Shipping! no surprises at checkout and no hidden charges.

Please note that we have sales offer of Free + Shipping only.


Q: What about your shipping time / Tracking?

A: We use only track able shipping methods, we want you always to know the status of your shipment, our shipping times are between 12-20 days.


Q: How can I contact you?

A: We put a lot of effort on customer satisfaction therefore you can contact us by Send us message through "Contact Us" Form, send us message through Facebook messenger in the site bottom right corner, or by Email: Support@likawomen.com.


Q: Is my personal data safe?

A: Yes, we use your personal data only for ordering, shipping and contact you for support and offers, we do not share your data with third parties. for more information please read our 'Privacy Policy'.


Q: Do you have refund policy?

A: We are very proud of our customer touch and satisfaction and we believe in mutual trust, our refund policy makes sure both customer and us can enjoy fair trading, in some cases we push our boundaries even further for loyal customers. For more information please read our 'Refund Policy'.


Q: What is Free + Shipping Only?

A: Free + Shipping Only is a limited time promotion we're doing from time to time were you can get a product completely free just pay for shipping. When you use our products and love them you will spread the word about them and about us, this Word of Mouth advertising is more powerful than traditional advertising, this way you get free product and we get awareness among potential customers.

No catch, no hidden charges, just add the product to your cart >> checkout and you'll be charged only for shipping, That's It !  Learn More


Q: I heard from a friend about others doing such promotion is there a difference?

A: Good question, indeed there are others who do Free + Shipping Promotions but if you check carefully most of them charge very high shipping rates to cover most of the product cost, we charging lower actual shipping rates.

Another thing you might want to check is the amount of product their online shop offer, if you see it offer one or just a few products or one type of product then it's probably for quick cash so think if you want to deal with it (of course not all working this way), we offer many product of various types and i can assure you we're here to stay.


Any Question we didn't answer? Don't hesitate Contact Us and we'll reply ASAP. 



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